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Matlab version of the OpenPIV project (open source Particle Image Velocimetry)

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Open PIV

OpenPIV - what is it for?

OpenPIV is an initiative of scientists to develop a software, algorithms and methods for the state-of-the-art experimental tool of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) which are free, open source, and easy to operate. OpenPIV is the successor of the well known URAPIV software - it is faster, more friendly and much more flexible. OpenPIV is provided using Matlab, Python or 32bit Windows executable (based on C++ and Qt source).

How to contribute ?

  1. Get a Github account
  2. Visit our Git repositories through OpenPIV on Github link
  3. Fork the selected repository
  4. Fix, commit, push to your repository and send us a pull request

Getting started tutorials

  1. Matlab - see the new Tutorial PDF and the screencast
  2. Python - Python version tutorial
  3. C++ - help is embedded in the package

Support and documentation

How to get support? Where to ask questions?

  • Google group!forum/openpiv-users
  • E-mail to
  • More information

    Note that if you use older than 2014b Matlab version, you should use the released version 1.1

    Frequently asked questions

    How to cite this work

    Taylor, Z.J.; Gurka, R.; Kopp, G.A.; Liberzon, A.; , "Long-Duration Time-Resolved PIV to Study Unsteady Aerodynamics," Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on , vol.59, no.12, pp.3262-3269, Dec. 2010 doi: 10.1109/TIM.2010.2047149 URL:

    Our future ideas, extension proposals and projects

    See OpenPIV Extension Proposals (OEP)