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OpenPIV consists in a Python and Cython modules for scripting and executing the analysis of a set of PIV image pairs. In addition, a Qt graphical user interface is in development, to ease the use for those users who don’t have python skills.


The OpenPIV python version is still in beta state. This means that it still might have some bugs and the API may change. However testing and contributing is very welcome, especially if you can contribute with new algorithms and features.

Development is currently done on a Linux/Mac OSX environment, but as soon as possible Windows will be tested. If you have access to one of these platforms please test the code.

Test it without installation

Click the link - thanks to BinderHub, Jupyter and Conda you can now get it in your browser with zero installation: Binder


You can use Conda

conda install -c alexlib openpiv

We are listed on PyPI:, so you could just try:

pip install openpiv


easy_install openpiv

Note that if dependicies of Numpy, Scipy and Cython are not present, on Ubuntu Linux, install those as:

sudo apt-get install cython python-numpy python-scipy
pip2.7 install OpenPIV

To build from source

Download the package from the Github: or clone using git

git clone

Using distutils create a local (in the same directory) compilation of the Cython files:

python build_ext --inplace

Or for the global installation, use:

python install 

Latest developments

Latest developments go into @alexlib repository


The OpenPIV documentation is available on the project web page at


  1. Alex Liberzon
  2. Roi Gurka
  3. Zachary J. Taylor
  4. David Lasagna
  5. Mathias Aubert
  6. Pete Bachant
  7. Cameron Dallas (
  8. Cecyl Curry (