How to download the software

Use for the shortcuts to the zipped software packages or obtain the source code from

How to contribute

  1. Open Github account
  2. Visit our Git repositories through
  3. Fork your favorite repository, Matlab, Python or C++
  4. Fix, commit, push to your repository and send us a pull request or a patch.
  5. register on openpiv-develop mailing list by sending us an e-mai

What is the development plan?

The big plan is:

  1. move all the core algorithms for PIV and post-PIV analysis to a library, libopenpiv that will include Python or C/C++ code compiled through Cython. The user shall not worry about the arguments or call changes - it has to be simple and transparent.

for example, the FFTW based cross-correlation from C++–qt/blob/master/src/fftcrosscorrelate.cpp to create Cython ( thin layer to allow their use from Python, like we already have in C:

  1. create test suite for the library - using one of the Python recommended unit test frameworks, py.test or pyunit, etc.

  2. From C++ Qt-based user interface create a clone for the Python version. We started but stopped, cloning the–qt/tree/master/ui into