How to get started with OpenPIV:

You can run OpenPIV online without installation:

Use Google Colab project and import one of the OpenPIV Python notebooks

Or click the launch binder button to get a fully running cloud for you thanks to Jupyter and Mybinder

You can download and install it locally on Python 3, using pip or conda:

pip install openpiv


conda install -c alexlib openpiv

If you are interested in the TK GUI, follow the instructions on

Getting started screencasts and tutorials

  1. Python version:
  2. Documentation :
  3. Tutorial:
  4. Zero installation online demo:
  5. Multiple notebooks of tests and extended options:
  6. Learn how to use and extend OpenPivGui

Support and documentation

How to get support? Where to ask questions? Use one of the following:

  1. Use our mailing list!forum/openpiv-users
  2. E-mail to
  3. Comment on the Github repository or open an issue on Github, for instance

How do we help our users

We typically answer very quickly on our mailing list. Users that have difficulty to read images or process it, send e-mails like this one:

`Dear Sir/Madam,

I am not being able to load images at all. Everytime I try to load an image tif/bmp/etc... I hear a error sound on my mac and thats it.
Any advice?`

We usually suggest to have an example pair of your images.

see the screencast or read the tutorial by Sergio Bengoechea Lozano, TU Berlin [[]]