Run OpenPIV online

Use Google Colab project and import one of the OpenPIV Python notebooks

Or click the launch binder button to get a fully running cloud for you thanks to Jupyter and Mybinder

Download and install locally

Download the software using the or using the source code cloning from Github, for instance

git clone
git clone

Getting started screencasts and tutorials

  1. Matlab - see the screencast or read the tutorial by Sergio Bengoechea Lozano, TU Berlin [[]]
  2. Python -
  3. C++ - not ready yet
  4. Spatial and Temporal Analysis Toolbox

Support and documentation

How to get support? Where to ask questions? Use one of the following:

  1. Use our mailing list!forum/openpiv-users
  2. E-mail to
  3. Comment on the Github repository or open an issue on Github, for instance

How do we help our users

We typically answer very quickly on our mailing list. Users that have difficulty to read images or process it, send e-mails like this one:

`Dear Sir/Madam,

I am not being able to load images at all. Everytime I try to load an image tif/bmp/etc... I hear a error sound on my mac and thats it.
Any advice?`

We usually suggest to have a Dropbox or FTP with a bunch of images (in this particular case it was very helpful to see more than just a first pair, because there is no motion in the first pair).

We got a Dropbox share and the question about our Matlab GUI-based version. So instead of writing back, we shot this screenshot and send back to the user. On the way to the next satisfied OpenPIV user :)

Screenshot of Matlab GUI-based OpenPIV session